Customer Reviews

Eilee D  7/18/2017

I had a facial done yesterday evening by Anne Marie and it was marvelous. I found a coupon on Groupon and purchased one for my daughter and I. The Esthetician took her time and discussed my skin type as well as offering good advice. I left the Spa with soft dewy skin and my redness was gone. She gave me a sample of the most amazing tinted cream that I will purchase upon return.My daughter also had a fabulous experience. I am going back in the fall and will continue to use Anne Marie’s services.

Janice P  7/1/2017

I am a regular client of Belle View Massage Therapy and Wellness Center. I can truly say I have received the highest quality massages I have ever had from the owner, Patrice and Sarah, one of her several practitioners. Their skill and personal attention to your specifics needs each and every time attests to their dedication to the client and their craft. From the minute you walk in the door you feel relaxation set in with aromatherapy, subdued lighting and spa-music surrounding you. I highly recommend this experience.

Brad L  7/11/2016

I’ve been seeing Danette Rodriguez for about ten years at various locations and absolutely love her massages. She applies exceptionally deep pressure where I need it most and otherwise expertly employs a variety of styles to work out the kinks throughout my tired and sore body. If you want a great massage customized to meet your needs this is the place to go.

Diane P  6/19/2017

WOW!!!! Sarah you are amazing!   You ASKED me where I needed work done and you concentrated on those places. My shoulder feels ALOT better since you worked on it. THANK YOU!!! Patrice you have a created a wonderful environment for relaxation! Whoever is reading this, just know that you can buy 12 massages in advance and you get a big discount and it is worth it!!! ~ Poppy

Alex D  6/19/2017

Began the monthly massage package six months ago and have been very pleased with Patrice, Sarah and Jonathon.  The Center has all the benefits of a pleasant, clean spa environment without the hassle of big “Red Door” factory salon/spa shenanigans.

Jorian M  2/22/2017

O M Goodness!!!! So, I was just surfing the net looking for a place in Alexandria to go for a massage.  My doctor told me I should look into a wellness center and Belle View actually had the WORD wellness attached so I  checked the reviews out there n yelp.  There were only 10 soooo I was a bit skeptical.  I invited my sister-in law to go with me and I set up the appointment.  The place was very inviting.  Calming music, gentle scent of lavender, a table off to side with tea, almonds, raisins, water etc.  

My sister in law was scheduled with Patrice and I with Jackie –  

Patrice is a Vet that was a medic  and is truly understanding of the aches and pains of fellow veterans- she knew right where the pain was without having to say a word.  I was very impressed- Anna

And Jackie is a true healer , gentle but firm and hit spots I never knew were even connected to each other. 

We both have had massages from the most popular places on TV and internet , but this place TOPs them all.

I only hope our 2nd will be just as good.  We already scheduled!!  

A man that was in before me took his time coming out of the room I was to go in, and now I understand why.  I didn’t want to move after Jackie finish.  

So relaxing, such a nice experience.  I am so broken from this journey, both hamstring were just reattached, Carpel tunnel in both wrist, multiple injuries that I could go on about – but just know , when she reached my feet — I was in heaven thanking the creator for the gift I was receiving –  the discounts for veterans was a nice touch.  

I want to know why there were only 10 reviews-  this place is only a few months opened !! And now it’s my go to!  LOVED IT

Suzie H  12/18/2016

This was my first time visiting this spa and I have to say – WOW!!!  When i first walked into the space, i noticed the wonderful scent.  It was very pleasant and relaxing.  While I was waiting to start my massage, I took in the surroundings.  The place is beautifully decorated and very classy.  I made the assumption that anyone that pays that much attention to detail, probably would do the same when it came to massage…

And I was not wrong in assuming that.  From the minute Patrice started the massage, I knew I was in for a real treat. I have had TONS of massages in my life, and at some point in each massage, I often find myself wishing that the massage therapist would do this or that stroke or technique.  This is the first time I was never left wanting.  Patrice’s strokes are complete and spot on, with perfect follow through.  I’ve had massages before where the therapist will do something on one side but not the other, which leaves me feeling lopsided.  Patrice made sure that her massage was symmetrical and perfect.  

And again I have to comment on the space. The massage table was sooooo warm and delicious!  The padding was nice and thick, heated with very nice sheets and blankets. First class all the way.  Between the fantastic massage and the super comfy table, I didn’t ever want to leave!

I cannot recommend this place highly enough.  I haven’t tried any of the other services but this spa offers a full range and I’m sure everyone is as professional and competent as Patrice.  This will be my go to spa from now on.