Soma Pi

Maria Wigodsky, Certified Soma Pi Healer, Personal Growth Coach 

& Ear Candling

Maria Wigodsky is a Certified Perceptive Awareness Technique graduate for intuition, and Soma Pi Healing graduate since 2006. Maria uses her gifts of intuition and healing to assist and inspire others to reach for the highest on their journey. Maria is also a talented artist. Maria has been using her gifts of intuition and healing with family and friends as well as with Hospice patients, and their loved ones, to help them through this part of life. Maria’s coaching services helps you in transcending previous limited beliefs to aide you in your expansion and transformation. Maria offers her Perceptive Awareness Technique(c) for intuitive assistance for spiritual guidance, emotional clarity, as well as physical well being. Maria offers Soma Pi healing. What is Soma Pi? Soma Pi means, “complete physical body encircle,” (by light). This unique and outstanding, 21st century healing procedure was brought forth in 1994 by Consuella Newton. Soma Pi is an amazing 21st century process for living in better health. Soma Pi is both a preventive force and healing force, and practitioners all over the country have used Soma Pi with great success for 22 years. The process encompasses sending energy to the whole body to open and balance chakras. It brings back wholeness, balance in the mind & body, as well as all cells systems and structures simultaneously.